The System characteristics
- Work zone for soles: length 1000 mm / 600 mm width.
- Work zone for lasts: length 500 mm / diameter 300mm.
- Spindle Speed: 0 - 24,000 rpm.
- Milling Speed: X, Y, Z : 12 - 30 m/min B: 33 - 50 rpm.
- Motor axis: brushless servo motor.
- Numerical command: Heidenhain TNC latest fully digital model.
- File format: TNC (DIN, ISO).
- External dimensions: 2000 x 1200 x 2500 mm.
- Approximate weight: 1,200 kg.
- Quality components to guarantee precision and durability.
- Numerical command perfectly integrated to machine.
- Cost effective, high productivity results in rapid return on investment.
The Complete System

Specially developed by IDEAS for the precise, high-speed milling of all materials (EVA, cork, latex, foam, hard plastic, wood, etc.) used in the manufacturing of insoles, orthotics and lasts.

MidIdeas-4® can digitise lasts in order to make copies, or it can mill lasts and insoles conceived by a CAD/CAM program. Serial production of soles is possible, more than 250 pairs of made-to-measure insoles can be produced per day. Milling of one pair of insoles takes between 2 to 5 minutes (20 min for 10 pairs). On the same machine lasts acn be produced at a rate a 1 last / 6 minutes or 1 last/8 minutes including roughing.
FootCad©, SoleCad© and MouldCad© are just examples of the software that can be read by the machine.