Buying a new pair of shoes faces many people with a difficult choice. Among the numerous standard models that are available, very few are adapted to their personal needs.

In most cases, people will favour design rather than comfort. In many cases however, this results in foot discomfort or even permanent foot damage.

The CAD/CAM system for made-to-measure shoes developed by IDEAS, literally puts technology at the feet of its customers.

For comfortable or corrective insoles, the feet must be measured very carefully, using the SoleScanner© or FootScanner©.

The 3D files are treated by the SoleCad© CAD/CAM software for insoles. This software enables:

modifications or corrections recommended by the technician, serial insole production.
The insoles/orthotics (in positive or negative) can be made of all the different materials: cork, latex, foam, EVA, hard or thermoformable plastic, etc.

The MouldCad© software adapts the mould according to the needs of the mould maker, starting from the data imported from FootCad© and SoleCad.©

By adding various parameters (blend edges radius, slope of the conical surface, block sizes), the program generates and controls the different parts of the mould, including the tolerance between the pieces, the expansion factor of the material, etc.

We have paid particular attention to the integration and use of high-quality components. The result is a complete solution that is coherent and guarantees optimal functionality and a good return on investment.
Orthopaedic elements
Rather than plastering the body parts, we scan the body using the BodyScanner, a non-contact 3D measurement device that can measure any of the axial parts of the body in less than 2 seconds.

The BodyCAD is a powerful software package that enables you to visualize the orthopaedic elements on screen in 3D and see real time modifications being carried out.