The complete system

The upper and lower surface of the insole (orthotic) are imported from FootCad© or SoleCad©.

These surfaces are limited by:
- the featheredge lines for the bottom part
- the nip line for the upper part

Starting from these data and with parameters like:
- blend edge radius,
- slope of the conical surface
- block sizes
the program generates and controls the different parts of the mould including the tolerance between the pieces, the expansion factor of the material, etc.

The MouldCad© software adapts the mould according to the needs of the mould maker. The goal of the mould is to inject all kinds of materials (poly-urethane foam, cork and latex,etc.) coming from an injection machine.

Once the mould has been conceived, MouldCad© calculates the tool paths to generate the milling when they are transferred to a tabletop milling machine or to a high-speed milling machine.

The system characteristics
- Mould model creation
- Control of material quantity
- Mould fitting (uppermould/lowermould)
- Mould grading
- Continuous 3D visualisation in real time
- Tool path calculation for production with any NC milling machine
- Open system (software) for file import and export