The complete system
The input data (measurements) is imported directly from the BodyScanner©. The operator can alternatively take manual measurements using a measuring tape and enter them into the program or, as this is an open system, use information from another measurement device. The BodyCad© software enables the user to adapt the computer model to the actual measurements. This digitisation part can be modified where necessary, using the wide range of modification options inherent to the program. Once the user is satisfied with the modifications made to the element, the software can automatically generate the tool paths for the milling machine.
The System characteristics
- User-defined modifications and 3D modelling.
- Library of models. - Modifications in real-time. - Continuous 3D visualisation.
- Adjustable parameters.
- Macros.
- Tool paths automatically generated by software in minutes.
- Open system for file import and export.
- Easy to use.