Presentation of SoleCAD Update : 25/02/2011
The complete system
The input data (measurements) is obtained directly from the SoleScanner©, PodoView© or DigiTab©. The program thus enables different methods/techniques of data input

SoleCad© enables the user to control all the different elements (orthotics, modules, rough shapes, etc.) with ease. The software package was specially developed for particular pathological cases such as diabetes, rheumatism, etc.

The data used in SoleCad© can also come from pressure plates, allowing the combination of the 3D measurements with the result of the static or dynamic pressure.

By digitising an orthotic/insole or a corrective element, rather than the imprint of the foot, the SoleCad© software permits mass reproduction of the existing element with great precision. As well, through the use of a scale factor, it is possible to produce elements of different sizes from a single model.

Once the insole has been conceived, SoleCad© calculates the toolpaths to generate the milling passes of the milling machine. Insoles can be milled directly or indirectly, "positive" or "negative", depending on whether the work is done directly in the material, or from a mould.

This system is very efficient for serial insole production or made-to-measure insoles and orthotics. It can be used for central fabrication production or for in-shop production.
The system characteristics
- Positioning of the foot axes in relation to the ground.
- Positioning of the toe spring, pronation, supination, torsion, etc.
- Determination of the orthotic/insole base.
- Rotating, translating and flattening of the metatarsal zone or toe imprint.
- A modifiable library of elements designed according to different theories.
- Positioning of orthopaedic elements (Thomas bar, arch, ASAC, Schwartz, etc.)
- Correction, adaptation or re-positioning of orthopaedic elements.
- Correction/modification of the orthotic/insole profile.
- Viewing of the sole in an interactive shaded view.
- Visualisation of files from pressure devices.
- The SoleCad works with a very high precision of 1/10 mm.
- Constant visual control of any changes made to the sole in 3 dimensions.
- Storage of patient files and soles with possible updates.
- Production of soles in different materials.
- Production of one or several pairs of soles at a time.
- Possibility of milling the same sole in direct or indirect.
- User-defined grading tables.
- Calculation of tool paths before milling in different materials.