The complete system

The ArmScanner© 3D manual digitiser enables the user to generate detailed 3D data by simply picking points on the surface of a last, a mould or a shoe, or any part thereof (along the profile, the feather edge or the forepart of the shoe) with the tip of the digitiser. In the case of a shoe, the software can subtract the thickness of the leather in order to recreate the base model.

As the tip of the digitiser touches the surface of the last, 3D dots appear on the screen. This is the 3D computer recreation of the last, mould or shoe.

Once this stage has been completed, the next step involves the export of these data to the FootCad© software, where a 3D virtual model of the last will be reconstructed.

The system characteristics

- USB-2 connection to any computer.
- Efficient for model re-creation.
- Can digitise a last in less than 15 minutes.
- Different types of mechanical digitisers possible (MicroScribe, FaroArm, ...)
- Possible precision : 0.23 mm (100 points ANSI sphere).
- High precision option possible: 0.1 to 0.05 mm
- Possible work zone dimention: sphere of 127 cm (optional 167 cm).
- Rapid sampling rate: 1000 points/second.
- Real time 3D visualisation of digitisation.
- Direct export to FootCad© and SoleCad©.
- User friendly.