The complete system

The FootScanner FTS-4© captures the entire 3D surface of a load- bearing foot, including the ankle and up to 25 cm of the lower leg, instantly and without contact.

Based on the data captured in a four-step process, the FTS-4© generates a precise 3D virtual mould of the foot and ankle. To allow changes in foot posture, the foot can be pre-positioned on several bases to simulate different heel heights.

The output data is in a simple ASCII file format of 50 to 200.000 points, which can be smoothed, extrapolated and interpolated. These data are readable by any software.

The virtual mould generated by the FTS-4© can be used by FootCad© in order to create a perfect custom-made shoe or orthopaedic shoes. FootCad© will combine the virtual mould of the foot with the shoemakers’ rules in its Expert System in order to create the best last for the customer's chosen model. Who is it aimed at?

Shoemakers of made-to-measure shoes, orthopaedic footwear specialists and shoe shops wishing to optimise their inventory control.
The system characteristics
- USB-2 connection to any computer.
- Compact, solid and stable frame provides optimal stability.
- Easily foldable and transportable.
- Optional wheeled polycarbonate carrying case (650 x 435 x 250).
- User friendly.
- Measurement accuracy: >0.5mm.
- No recalibration is required before each capture.
- Instant (1/25 of a second) and contact free 3D capture of a load bearing foot.
- Number of optical heads: 3
- Foot maximum dimensions (l x w x h): 360 x 160 x 250 mm.
- External dimensions (l x w x h): 650 x 1000 x 580 mm.
- Approximate weight: 16 kg (21 kg with carrying case).
- Power supply: 220 V - 50 Hz or 110 V - 60 Hz, 90 watts