The complete system

The BodyScanner© is a 3D digitiser equipped with 4 optical heads that allows fast and contact free digitisation of most axial parts of the human body by using only structured light. The torso and the back can be measured to manufacture corsets and corset chairs. A leg or stump can be measured to make a femoral or tibial prosthesis or in order to make a cosmetic cover for a prosthesis.

Those parts of the human body captured by the 3D digitiser are recorded on the computer's hard drive. They are then processed by the BodyScanner© software, which allows the 3D co-ordinates to rebuild almost 100.000 points on the measured body part in the shape of a virtual mould.

The virtual mould is directly visible on-screen and can be saved to file in any format. The operator can place landmarks on any part of the computer mould using the BodyScanner© software.

The data can then be treated by the specially developed BodyCad© CAD/CAM software. This software can also generate the tool path for milling the orthopaedic element conceived on-screen.
The system characteristics
- Instant capture eliminates danger of patient movement.
- Fast, complete measurement taken in less than 2 seconds.
- Without contact - measurements taken using structured light beams.
- Accuracy of 0.3 mm.
- Cost effective because the system does not use costly devices such as lasers.
- Open data saved in a simple ASCII format.
- The system is compatible with all other software on the market.
- Number of optical heads: 4.
- Capture cycle of less than 2 seconds.
- External dimensions (l x w x h): 130 x 130 x 170 cm.
- Dimensions of measurable zone: 600 mm in diameter by 600 mm high.
- Approximate weight: 80 kg.
- Number of points captured: between 100 and 150.000.
- Frame moves up and down to facilitate the scanning of the various body parts.
- Standard format of output files: IDS-3-D.
- Other format options available: AAOP1, Autoscript, Canfit, ShapeMaker,
RAW-3-D, BodySculpt