The Complete system

The FootScanner FTS-1© captures the 3D surface of a load bearing foot instantly and without contact. Based on the data captured in a one-step process, the FTS-1© calculates the length, width and 3D girth of different sections of the foot.

The entire process is carried out completely automatically at the press of a button. To allow changes in foot posture, the foot can be pre-positioned on several bases to simulate different heel heights. The output data is a simple ASCII file format of 50 to 200.000 points, which can be smoothed, extrapolated and interpolated. This data is readable by any software.

The measurements generated by the FTS-1© enables the user to choose the best fit in any grading table in order to create semi custom- made shoes, or these measurements can be used by the FootCad© in order to create a custom-made shoe using the shoemakers Expert System inherent to the FootCad© software

Who is it aimed at?
Shoemakers of made-to-measure shoes, orthopaedic footwear specialists and shoe shops wishing to optimise their inventory control.

The system characteristics

- USB-2 connection to any computer.

- Compact, solid and stable frame provides optimal stability.
- Easily foldable and transportable.
- Optional polycarbonate IATA (540x395x195 mm) carrying case.
- User friendly.
- Measurement accuracy: >0.5mm.
- No recalibration is required before each capture.
- Instant (1/25 sec), contact free 3D capture of a load bearing foot.
- Number of optical heads: 1
- Foot maximum dimensions (l x w x h): 360 x 130 x 130 mm.
- External dimensions (l x w x h): 500 x 250 x 580 mm.
- Approximate weight: 9 kg (12.5 kg with carrying case).
- Power supply: 220 V - 50 Hz or 110 V - 60 Hz, 90 watts.