Demo of SoleScanner Laser Update : 18/01/2011 5:00 pm
SoleSCANNER Laser Versatile Update : 23/12/2011
New SoleScanner V3 Update : 23/12/2011
The complete system

This laser scanner scans the plantar surface in 3D in a load-bearing or semi-load bearing position.
It provides the 3D surface of the plantar surface as well as an image of it.
It is small, light and ease to carry around.
It can directly scan plantar surface but also scan foam boxes or casts in 3D or even simple blueprints in 2D.
Our laser scanner is fully automatic and takes less than 5 seconds to scan in 3D and 2D at the same time and compute the resulting 3D surface and 2D image.

The system characteristics
- USB-2 connection to any computer.
- Digitisation time: 3 sec.
- Measurement accuracy: >0.5 mm.
- Graphic interface.
- Automatic archiving of the scanned data.
- External dimensions (l x w x h): 564 x 258 x 128 mm.
- Approximate weight: 4.9 kg.
- Power consumption: 220 V-110 V - 50 W max.
- Transportable.
- User friendly.
- scanner to scan 2 feet at the same time.
- 3d scanning of the upper part of the foot.
- secondary cameras to scan foot profiles.
- scanner support and holder.
- carrying bag or case.