The complete system

The PodoFTS2© instantly takes a non contact, load bearing scan of the upper part of a pair of feet in 3D and a 2D photo of the foot. The software uses the information gathered from each scan to calculate different measurements including lengths, widths and girths.


Who is it for?

Custom shoemakers, orthopaedic shoe specialists and shoe shops which wish to practice optimized inventory management.
The systems characteristics
- USB connection for all computers.
- Graphic Interface.
- Instant 3D non contact capture of a pair of feet.
- 2D Capture in less than 20 seconds.
- Load bearing and semi load bearing captures
- Digitization time: 20 seconds.
- Measurement precision (2D and 3D): >0.5 mm.
- Easy to use.
- 1:1 or scale to page printing options.
- Automatic archiving.
- Compact, solid and sturdy giving optimal stability.
- Easily transportable.
- No recalibration necessary.
- Number of optical heads : 2
- External Dimensions (l x w x h): 560 x 385 x 600 mm.
- Approximate weight : 20 kg
- Consumption : 220 V - 50 Hz or 110 V - 60 Hz, 90 watts
- Furniture stand comes as an option