The Complete system
The DigiTab© system is composed of an A3 digitising tablet and a powerful software package specially developed by IDEAS to create 3D lasts or insoles from 2D elements.

The digitising process is very easy, very fast and very accurate. You simply trace either the outline of a sole, the outline of the profile or the outline of the imprint of a foot or cutting plane by hand, using the pointer pen supplied with the tablet, in order to enter the data into the software.

The results of the digitisation are treated by one of our CAD/CAM software programs (FootCad© or SoleCad©), in order to calculate the perfect last or insole corresponding to the data entered.

Perfectly integrated with the PodoView©, SoleScanner©, SoleCad©, FootScanner© and FootCad© systems, for the measurement and the design of soles and custom made shoes.

The CAD/CAM software then generates the tool path that will instruct the milling machine to mill the last or sole that has been conceived on-screen..
The system characteristics

- USB-2 connection to any computer
- Fast and easy, with a precision of 0.15 mm.
- It is a basic design tool and an ideal entry system for an orthopaedic technician.
- Only the outline of the foot or the outline of the sole is required.
- Efficient for model re-creation.
- Real time visualisation of digitisation.
- Direct export to FootCad© and SoleCad©.
- Creation of the exact corresponding last with the help of FootCad©.